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    rear diff failure

    My rear diff failed today! it's the metal diff, It look like the slots where the dogbones fit in are gone. Is this plastic even in the metal diff? Do I need to order the entire dif?

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    My stock diffs have held up with stock motor and batt. Is yours brushless?

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    I believe the metal diff is part number 7579x and yes, the drive cups are part of the diff itself and they are all metal. order a new diff, install(its pretty easy) and apply some heavy automotive grease to the gears and reassemble!

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    Once you rebuild your diff, you should add brass sleeves over the oudrives.

    Go to your local hardware store and get Brass Compression Tube Fitting, Sleeve, 5/16" Tube OD, for a few cents, you'll solidify the outdrives, just add a drop of glue to keep em in place.

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