I’ve been off the spartan forum for a couple years now... just wanted to say hi to all the members in here.. hoping it’s gonna be a great season to take the Spartans out... I was on the forum years ago under the name “Rcforever27” I remember the names of a lot of posters... glad to be back! And if I could figure out how to post pics again, I will definitely post them as I have yet another spartan project... it’s called “spartan from scratch build #2...there was a poster on this forum who had their boat wrapped or like a vinyl wrap/ graphics, I also had mine done from the same company... I am currently at work, but I will try to get the name of the guy who makes and sells these wraps... anyway, sorry for the long post, but I look forward to helping people out on here and I also look forward to all the knowledge in here! Thanks guys for reading! I live in Ct. so I am soo ready for spring!! Happy boating!!!