Hey guyz so,

Anybody used the stock 29 pinion and 55 spur gearing combination ? Is it doable can you do it ? Will it break something ?

If its in ideal conditions lets say that the 35/55 gives a 0.6363 ration and traxxas declares it at 75 + mph by my simple math ( Sorry for this sentence ) a 29/55 would give a ration of 0.5272 thats aproximately a 17% decrease in rotation. If this is correct that would put the max speed at aproximately 62+ mph range but have a much smoother ( stronger ) acceleration.

So please comment about this ? Firstly i wanna know is it safe to do it like this and is it a nice combination for everyda parking lot fun ?

P.S. Whats your opinion would that make the engine run cooler or hotter in comparison to 35/55?