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    So is this a dead forum?

    I seem to find old threads in a google search, but whenever I log in here there is only a picture/video thread. Is this still active? Does anyone still buy and run the Blast (besides me)?

    I was thinking (in time) I would swap out stock motor and radio gear for the setup in my Slash, that would give reverse and proper setup for LiPo batteries. Anyone know how feasible this is? Problems?

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    Not sure about a dead forum, just not super active!

    My son and I recently, end of January maybe, each purchased a Blast. Pulled them out of the box and immediately put our Stampede ESC's in them. We went brushless in those. I also changed my receiver so I could use my Traxxas remote that is connected to all my vehicles. We run 2s LiPo's in them with no real issues so far.

    We did trim a little of the plastic to make the battery easier to get in and out.

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