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    My Slash Ultimate Sand Toy

    Built this to play on the beach at the lake.

    I started with a Slash Ultimate.
    Here's a breakdown of the additions/upgrades...

    Proline Flow-Tek body
    King Headz motor mount
    Techno center Dog Bone
    VG Racing chassis brace
    RPM arms
    RPM rear bulkhead
    RPM front bulkhead
    Losi Ten SCTE shocks
    RPM F&R shock towers
    Proline body mounts
    RPM nerf bars
    MIP X-Duty rear axles(fronts are still in the toolbox)
    Proline Split 6 beadlocks
    STRC beadlock rings
    Proline SlingsShot paddles
    custom chassis plate/GoPro and gps mount
    Atomik sensored brushless 1/8 combo
    Tactic servo
    Spektrum receiver

    Here's a link to my Google album with pics...
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    Very nice...

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    I can tell you first hand that the Slash 4x4 is all kinds of fun on the beach! I had built one just for the sand and loved it until someone made me an offer to buy it right then and there.
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    Looks great!

    I have always wanted to drive on the sand but kept thinking of all the grit going into the bearings and had a few nightmares....


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