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    Silly Spur / Pinion Question and Help Needed

    Hi Guys,

    I know gearing is something often asked about, but I find myself needing advice on a spur recommendation.
    I have a Slash 4x4 Ultimate.

    I have just bought a Hobbywing EZRun Combo MAX10 SCT 3660SL, which the motor has a 5mm shaft.
    I bought a Traxxas 6486X 13T Mod 1 Pinion to fit the motor, but gave little consideration to the spur gear.

    So there lies my question.

    Can anyone offer a suitable suggestion to what Spur I should look at to match with the mod 1 Pinion?

    I usually use the car for bashing in field use so max top end speed is not a concern.

    I know tooth count is important so Im trying to figure out what to go with and then find the actual product to buy.
    The Traxxas 3955 might work but Im not sure.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Which kv motor? The stock gearing is 13/54(4.15 ratio) That 3955 is 40 tooth which puts your ratio at 3.07. Personally I would just grab a 32p 5mm 13t pinion and run the stock spur. Watch temps and gear from there. I run 1/8th scale power on 4s with the stock plastic 32p issue.
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