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    Aluminum or RPM Rear hub carriers?

    just wondering which carriers would be the better investment, as aluminum is expensive, and RPM could work just as well.
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    I have aluminum on mine. Hold up well. Rpm arms Aldo work nice with them

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    RPM breaks. I busted 2 on mine before going with aluminum. Tried atomic for the rear and front axle carriers with plastic front c-hubs. Bent the snot out of the rear and broke the lower screw mount off the front one last weekend.

    Broken RPM front:


    Broke another rear, then went with aluminum.

    I have hot racing c-hubs/axle carriers for the front and hot racing carriers for the rear coming in the mail this week. Hoping they hold up better. The rears at least look beefier in the top arm that connects to the turnbuckle. So, will see.

    Where the rear RPM one broke is where the atomik ones bent.

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