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    What should I do with this Traxxas 3s LiPO?

    I got this used Traxxas 3s LiPO with a used car that I purchased. When I took it out to charge it ( it came charged ), it looked like this. It isn't puffing that I can tell, and really doesn't seem damaged or deformed in any other way. Should I be concerned, or just charge it up and send it?

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    Thankfully, I haven't seen that work any of my Traxxas batteries (tho, I've only had mine for 2 months). However, before getting back into surface vehicles, I was flying RC helos, plus I'm still flying drones. If I had a battery that looked like that, I would NOT, use it, and I would immediately take it to my LHS for a second opinion.

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    Agreed. Donít use that lipo if you cherish your RCís. Maybe call Traxxas abs get it sent back to them for a replacement. Maybe cost you some, but itís better then the other option, which is possibly burning your entire vehicle up.

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