So I was at my LHS buying a rc truck for my son, and i saw a fiesta rally 4x4 and i decided to get back into the rc world 🤦🏽*♂️ Lol. I havenít taken my rc cars out of storage since i got out of the marines in 2011. So now that i showed my son my old collection, heís been bugging me about fixing them up. So here i am now lol back in and Iíve decided that Iím really gonna do my research this time and get my cars running right and i just want them to be durable and fast enough to handle almost anything thrown at it. The rally car started as the stock rally and i took It out to a dirt/concrete area with loose dirt on it. It performed well and as expected took drift corners and hitting ruts (it had rained a couple days ago and the run off had made some ruts in the dirt area) quite well, but when i took it to a grassy area it just wasnít as fun(yes i know itís not meant for that, but i did it anyway) so i started reading more into the design of it and found out it was like a slash 4x4 with a LCG chassis. And all i want is an overall good basher with some good speed behind it. So now my stock rally has quickly been upgraded to an old velineon vxl-3s i had laying around with a 12t pinion and a 54t spur, threw on some old proline shocks i had in the storage on it. upgraded the slipper clutch to the slash 4x4 one, with the steal pads. Iíve also got some aluminum shock towers and drive shaft. Was working great with all this but it still lacked in the grassy area, but i think Iíve finally found the solution...proline trenchers 2.8 have given me the clearance i want and still handles great on road when Iím just at home bashing in the front yard. Now on to the reason Iím posting...question #1 would the 2.8 ruin anything on it because of the size difference? Q#2 what else would you guys recommend i upgrade to keep it as durable as possible in the drive terrain as possible. I rather have broken parts because of a driver, or pushing the limits of the car/truck now instead of because of a bad mechanic lol ohh and Iím running a 2s 5200 50c battery and hitting 30mph on the street (per my garmin 301) on the table will be an old slash 2wd and a rustler 2wd, after that the summit 1/16 vxl and my sons LaTrax dessert runner (once he gets more practice on the sticks). Look forward to any feed back from you guys and any questions anyone has about my build feel free to ask( Iím not a pro but i find my way around) by the way i got the inspiration for my build from the monster slashs Iíve been seeing on YouTube