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    2wd Rustler (Old School)

    My son got this from his uncle. It is about 20 years old. We stopped at our hobby shop and they said they do not make batteries with the same connector and to just junk it and buy a new traxxas. Is this true? I hate to trash it.

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    Go to a different shop.....

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    Welcome to the forums both of you!

    I say keep it! I have an old stampede, and I just stuck in a new motor and ESC, and it works just great! With a new motor and ESC you can get the new connecters to run newer batteries. Or, you could buy the new connecters and solder them on your old things, but that would likely fry the old electronics if running lipo. It's sweet that you got an old one!
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    Iím thinking a motor thatís too powerful will shred that driveline. Iíd say get new connectors soldered on. Drive it, have fun. Oh and definitely find a new shop, that is a cool vintage truck. Really does a disservice to the hobby when people are just trying to make a sale.

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    That connector is what they call a Tamiya connector (Tamiya plug) you can still find some batteries with that plug online. All the parts that are available now for the newer Rustler will fit except the parts for the spur gear. But parts are still available for the older spur gears are available online also you just may have to do a little searching.

    You don't need to junk it. It looks like it's in good shape as said parts can still be had for it and updated but not a whole lot has changed the internals of the gearbox can be changed to metal gears.

    I had got a older Rustler roller on Ebay fairly cheap to fix up as a project. It has slowly changed from when I got it.

    If you need help visit and ask on the forums some hobby shops push their own products (by choice or told to do so).

    Good luck with your new old Rustler!

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    Junk it ????? They have zero clue what they are doing. There are several options.
    Can get a connector to go from tamiya to say traxxas style plug and keep your msc.
    Change the msc plug to a traxxas or.other style plug to match your battery.
    Or easiest and.still an upgrade. Just get yourself a new xl5 speed controller.
    They are cheap and better than an msc. And should plug right up to what should be a stock 20 turn stinger motor ??
    No way in the world i would suggest junking it.
    Matter of fact if i was at the hobby shop i woulda tried to buy it.
    Looks like a nice vintage rustler to me.

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    Yeah, I definitely agree with those saying to find a new hobby shop--that's ridiculous! You could easily modernize that truck!

    I used to run those batteries back in the day, still have that charger.

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    My Rustler is about that old
    Slowly changed out parts. It works great. Clocked it at 37mph the other day on 2s. I put a Castle Creations Sidewinder SCT on it with a 3800kv motor for around $110. My daughters love it. I still enjoy it.

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    Don't junk it.
    That is how old mine is if not a little older.
    As stated one of the nice things about it is that almost all of the stock parts made today will still fit (there aren't
    many original parts left on mine. Upgrade as they break. If you know how to solder just replace the battery connector or put an electronic speed control for it.

    One thing I would deffinately rebuild the tranny with the newer metal gears

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    I second third and 4th the above comments, do not junk it. All of the above comments are viable options . You can either solder new plugs on or grade to an inexpensive modern power train ( as someone mentioned above an XL 5 can be gotten cheap enough used ).
    I am fed up with LHSs who do this kind of behavior. I have a love/ hate relationship with my LHS for this very reason. I have watched him tell multiple customers the same thing ( just trash that old thing and buy this ...) and yet he is literally the only shop within 2 hours of me.
    As much as I support “buy local” philosophy my local guy behaving like this to other customers is driving my business increasingly on-line.
    Back to the original poster. That is a really cool Vintage Rustler. I’m. Looking forward to seeing you getting it running. Everyone on this forum is here t encourage and help . ( at least with advice )

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