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    Lost all contact info from phone.

    All my rc friends here that had my # text me with your name, traxxas name and state please. I've lost all my contact info from all back up cloud services so completely starting over in contact list(long story), unfortunately I don't remember numbers and names off the top of my head, I wish, right? Lol. Have a great day everyone.

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    Just need one more rc, then Ill be done...

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    Man, that sucks...

    I am very good with computer hardware, there is not much I can't do with it (my programming is a bit rusty though), but little gadgets like cell phones are a completely different animal. And, there is nothing worse than getting a new phone, nothing seems to transfer over right. The last big upgrade my wife and I did was a nightmare, her transfer went seamlessly, mine ate all of my music, luckily I had it all back up, but it took me three days to get it all back on my phone....
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