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    Pinion pushing the spur gear

    So guyz with 4-tec velineon system can you check your models and tell me do you experience the sam thing. So the gearing is perfectly aligned;

    After a run this is what it looks like

    As you can see the pinion is pusing the center drive shaft towards the back differential housing. This makes the spur get out of the bering and displace the mesh..

    after inspecting this is what i find on the spur. Slight rubbing on the chassis,

    Tried with a new spur and pinion, tried with a new center drife shaft both alum and steel. Still the same. Inspected both differentials, shafts are straight. its drivign me nuts. Can anybody give an idea how to solve this or whats happeing ?

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    This same thing happen to me I think the center shaft is just a little too short

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    10 heres a video of the problem

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    It's a design flaw I think, the only thing that keeps the shaft from walking is the press fit of the spur and bearing. It's not an insanely tight fit to begin with, so it works loose eventually. My solution was to put threadlock on it and check it periodically as normal maintenance. A metal motor mount will help keep it aligned too.

    There's another YouTube vid about it, the guy blamed his aftermarket spur but it happens on the stock gear too.

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