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    1/16 MERV to 1/10 Buggy conversions?

    Hi yall,
    First time poster on here with a few questions to pick your gear heads.

    My local RC Racing group will be starting outdoor racing this spring. They will be racing 1/10 2WD buggys as their smallest class.

    I currently own a 4wd 1/16 revo roller and a 1/16 revo/2wd Gravedigger I got for my son 5 years ago.
    I have been given permission to run my 2wd gravedigger in the class as it is similar specs and they believe I wouldnt be at any advantage using it.

    So heres what I want to know, How do I morph/convert my little revo to run with Buggys?

    I know I will need the following
    Buggy body
    Buggy wheels and tires
    Sway bar kit?
    Custom lower cog motor mount?
    Custom chassis?

    I found this thread from 10 years ago to be my best inspiration so far.

    The main issues I would like to fix is the lack of room on the factory chassis for larger battery and the high centre of gravity.

    Another problem I see is the 1/16 Revo platform is only 9 inches long where as a Buggy(Bandit) is 11 inches. I assume this will affect the handling and performance. I am not trying to build a super machine that will defeat the opposition, I just want to show that a 1/16 can keep up and compete, plus its the only RC I own right now.

    Tell me what you all think!

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    You would be better off getting a 1/10th buggy then to try to build off the 1/16th scale platform. Itís just not big enough unless you plan on using a 1/16th scale buggy body. I believe there are a couple other manufacturers that make a 1/16th buggy and that would be the way to go if you plan on using the 1/16th platform.

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