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Thread: Hover problem

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    Hover problem


    I bought my first Aton yesterday and I tried sport mode but at 50% trottle my Aton just rise and don't hover. If I drop the thrust at like 48% it just slow drop.

    In film mode I have no problem to let it hover but in sport mode I just can't. So it's hard to fly when you cant keep your altitude.

    I recalibrate everything, full reset of the controller and tighten the props. I just don't know what to do to get it flight correctly.

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    Sounds normal to me... only film mode has hold
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    It takes some practice in sport or expert mode but it should be able to hover. You must be very gentle with the throttle around the hover point. Don't focus on what the number is on the controller, just watch what the Aton is doing and you'll get it after some practice.

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