I’m new here and new to the hobby (picked up a brushed Rustler 4x4 for my son in January, and a couple months later found a used brushed version for myself), so please accept my apologies in advance if this has already been asked and answered a few times. I tried the search function, but it’s possible that I’m as much of a Noob regarding forum searching as I am with driving an RC car

Here is my question:
Is there a way – using the Link Application, or by other means – to be able to reduce the power output of the vehicle to ~30%, while still allowing for 100% use of the brakes?

The background:
When I got the Rustler 4x4 VXL, it came with a 3S battery. My first 10 minutes driving this much more powerful version (vs the Brushed one that my son is driving), revealed that I had no business driving anything this fast/powerful just yet. My first take was to simply engage the “Training Mode” of the ESC. No problem… hold the button down, wait for the three flashes, and presto, I’m down to half speed (and seemingly, full use of the brakes). This is for sure a step in the right direction, but in an attempt to match the performance of my son’s brushed version in Training mode, I wanted to go further in this direction (if for no other reason than to avoid having to hear about how unfair it is that Dad has the faster car).

After a little searching, it looked like the Traxxas Link App would allow for a more customized Training mode, so I sprung for the Bluetooth module. One screw later the module is installed in the transmitter, app is downloaded, installed, and linked to the transmitter and my 3S Rustler 4x4… so far so good. I engage the Training Mode via the Traxxas Link App, and turn it down to 30%... and indeed it looks like I have ~30% power when on the throttle…. But YIKES!! I only have what seems to be 30% of my braking performance, too! This is pretty scary, actually. I just about put the car into a fence in the first minute that I was driving it like that. Needless to say, I like the reduced power, but the reduced braking performance is a deal-breaker. It honestly seems unsafe to not allow full use of the brakes. I understand that it’s possible to get the car to “endo” with a harsh application of the brakes, but there are so many other times that having brakes work with some gusto would prevent incidents that it’s tough for me to believe that Traxxas intended this “Training Mode” function to work this way.

So… Am I doing something wrong here? Is there an obvious solution that I’m overlooking? Is there a way to use a combination of things to achieve my goal? Thanks in advance for the assistance. --BillJ