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    Inclinometer Angles

    What angles are you seeing on your Inclinometers on the Link app?

    My TRX-4 Sport Kit is built box stock except with SSD Slots stamped steel beadlock wheels. The truck was stationary and I was lifting it by hand. Obviously power would reduce these angles especially climbing. But this is what I found

    Up - 75 degrees
    Left - 56 degrees
    Right - 61 degrees
    Down - 74 degrees

    Under power the truck only achieved 68 degrees when climbing uphill in the forward direction.

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    I wish I could calibrate the thing.
    Mine shows 6 up and a couple on the tilt.just sitting there.
    I could adjust rx perhaps,but that will prob be a pain if it even helps.

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    Mine reads slightly nose down, slightly left, but not measurable. I should probably check my shock preloads

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    I have tried several ways to zero out my inclinometer readings when at rest (on a level surface both longitudinal and latitudinal) from putting shimming under the REC to adjusting the shocks and when the truck is used then stored for a time you turn on and bamm the readings are all to pot again?
    I hope that Traxxas can come up with a zero out option so that when you turn on there is an option to reset to zero before you use the truck, until then its an incorrect reading gimmick on a half hearted app.

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