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    CA glue brands ?

    Anyone try using gorilla glue CA glue for tires ? i just find it hard to find the rc brand stuff ,
    et me know your thoughts, thanks !

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    I use bsi glue, but I have not tried gorilla CA.
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    I haven't tried Gorilla Glue either, but I've had great success with Proline brand medium glue.

    I've tried AKA and dynamite brand glue but found that they set up too quick.

    Any gorilla brand products that I've used have always been great. Give it a try and see how it works out. If the tires come unglued, you can always reglue them with a different brand of glue

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    I used loctite super glue it worked great
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    The Gorilla super glue is too thick IMHO. I ran out of tire glue a couple weeks ago and used the original Crazy Glue and it worked great for a fraction of the price.

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    Bob Smith Industries Orange (Medium) is the best tire glue on the market IMO. Never dries out in the bottle, the glue tip is the best I've seen, and it flows really nice and gives you enough time to reset the tire if you need to. You can also clean out the tip easily if it gets clogged.

    Several other brands repackage Bob Smith as their own (Protek, Hobbytown), that basically tells you they think it's the best too.

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    I've used the gorilla glue, it's thick and does not bond instantly allowing time to get the tire seated. I started using the Pro-line glue and it's thin and sets up quick but does have a applicator tip that works excellent.

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