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    Newbie Question : Replacing Transmitter

    Hi there,

    I am literally a complete newbie and just purchased an E-Revo 2.0.

    Now at the shop I was at, they were trying to sell me on getting a Sanwa/Futaba transmitter as my first major upgrade.

    I have a few questions...

    1. How easy would it be to replace the transmitter?
    2. Will all the features from the Traxxas transmitter translate over to a new one? e.g. TSM, Trim, Set button ( self righting feature )
    3. Any opinions/thoughts would be happily received. I don't know anything, so any feedback would be great.

    Thanks much!

    p.s. I must admit using the included Traxxas one has been fine, but there was definitely a bit of a sexy factor with some of these LCD screen types that appealed to the geek in me.

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    1. Shouldn't be to hard.
    2. Probably only trim would work. But depends on what all feature new trx has. I wouldn't use self righting feature. Tends to break things...
    3. Up to u of u wanna spend the money.... The included one works fine. If wanna geek out some get the Bluetooth module and get some senors to link up your phone. With traxxas app...

    Plenty of threads on what to start modding on the 2.0 to help it be a little more bullet proof. Do some searching..

    Have fun with the new car.

    Tapatalk app helps a ton on the fourms.

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    To answer your questions:

    1. It is fairly easy to replace a radio system, regardless of brand
    2. TSM is a specific feature only to Traxxas receivers, it is a built in gyro system, so is self righting feature. However, trims will be available on Sanwa/Futaba, relative to dual rate and other advance features.

    I think the E-Revo 2.0 is a fantastic package on its own with its unique built-in features such as TSM and Self-Righting. The only advantage of upgrading to a competition level radio like what Sanwa or Futaba offers is if you need such functionality for competition like fast servo and ESC (electronic speed controller) response and other advance features relative to trims like adjustable servo rates and curves. Since E-Revo is a basher those certain precision features you might not really need to utilize, unless you are racing which the E-Revo is not for.

    What I suggest is to buy the Traxxas link (6511) for about $30-$40 it will unlock certain features of the TQI Telemetry system already available with your unit, also a Traxxas Phone Mount (6532) for about $15. With that set up you unlock and get to utilize your built in telemetry system, you get a lot more feature like RPM, Speed, voltage and temp to be seen mounted on your controller via your phone's screen. It is cool and cheaper upgrade for your rig without sacrificing TSM and self-righting, than spending about $300 more for a high end competition remote to be used only for bashing.

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