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    Much better handling and launch!

    I finally got an XO-1. I have several Rustlers, a Skully, some Stampede 4x4ís, a Jato 3.3, several 4-Tec 2.0ís, an E-Revo 2.0, a Revo 3.3, a Summit, and a TRX-4 sport- all of which were very heavily modified (except the E-Revo 2.0), but never had an XO-1 until now.

    I always get them to run fast yet able to run for long without heat issues. I also fix the handling problems as I love the way Losi RCís handle. I try to get the perfect balance of speed, acceleration, heat management, and handling which makes it fun. Going in a straight line a couple times and then waiting for it to cool down is just not fun for me. I was able to get the XO-1 as nimble as our 4-tecís and itís without a doubt quicker and faster. The only thing the 4-Tecs can do better is stop better. They literally stop instantly but the XO-1 does weight significantly more. I only have the XO-1 geared for 67mph per my gps due to road conditions and I really donít want it any faster since I run it with my kids and their RCs. Even my 4-Tec is only running 62mph. Our roads and parking lots here in Louisiana are the worst Iíve seen anywhere which is why I have the XO-1 and the 4-Tecs jacked up.

    I have it set up for much better handling and I can peg the throttle and itíll launch straight without the torque steer. Much better than stock. I upgraded a little at a time on this one unlike my other RCs bc Iíve heard the XO-1 can only go straight. Anyway here it is:

    19/46 gearing
    Associated XP DS1015 steering servo (201 oz-in, .108s)
    Racers Edge Glitch buster
    Front: 2.6n-mm (14.8/in) Revo spring
    Rear: 2.3n-mm (13.1lb/in) Revo spring
    20quarter turns each shock collar
    Stock suspension geometry
    Front/Rear: 500k/10k diff oil
    Front: Johnís BSR 1/8 GT Red (55 shore). 1.64Ē wide, 4.07Ē diameter
    Rear: Johnís BSR 1/8 GT Double pink (35-40 shore) 1.64Ē wide, 4.07Ē diameter
    30% Steering expo, TSM: 60%%, brakes 60%
    Mamba Monster settings:
    1.Forward/brake/Reverse, 2.Brakes 70%, 3.Reverse speed 30%, 4.Punch control level 2.High 100%, Voltage cutoff Auto 3.5v, 8.Motor timing Lowest (0%), 9.Motor type Brushless. Start power High, Linear throttle curve. Arming time 4s.

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    Sounds like you got a pretty good grip on everything. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReglarGuy View Post
    Sounds like you got a pretty good grip on everything. Good luck!
    Thank you. I might up it just a tad since itís close to 70mph but I duno. I havenít really wanted more speed. It may seem redundant bc I already have 4-Tecs but the XO-1 unsurprisingly more stable bc of our terrible roads/parking lots. It also stays a lot cleaner. I put screen mesh both at the entry and exit of the cooling vent which helps also

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    Yes, the XO-1 is more stable and has better ground clearance. You could afford to raise your XO-1 up some if you are staying under 70 MPH and not risk a flip over.
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