With the UDR, Traxxas pushed the limit of what is possible with a scale RC machine. It has amazing scale detail in its construction from detail bits to the roll cage construction to the faithful replication of the suspension systems and drivetrains of full size trophy trucks. It is all there. Just to make it even more amazing, they tuned it to near perfection so that in slow-mo video you almost cant tell that you are watching a small scale RC beating it out across the terrain. It amazes me everytime I see it, and it makes me wonder......what could possibly be next from Traxxas to top this? They have set the bar REAL high in several segments. The UDR, the TRX-4 and the X-MAXX are all in a class by themselves in my opinion, despite competitors attempts to offer worthy alternatives, I dont see much that competes on all the same levels.

I cant imagine what Traxxas has coming next, but I can say that there is a good chance that it is going to pretty amazing.....it will have to be in order for the company to not appear as if it is going backwards!