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    TRX Sport kit ???

    Hi all thinking of getting this kit but have a few questions first

    Can it be locked in high speed gearing or is it limited to low speed only ?
    Brushed or brushless ?
    3 or 4s which would be a better option ?

    Thanks for any input 👍

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    The sport is only one speed as far as I know.....

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    One speed, low, and both diffs are locked. Just finished assembling mine. Fun build, instruction book is laid out well and all the part bags were marked. Even the pictures of which screws to use were to scale. Just waiting on some battery connectors to get here so I can see how it runs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richsmicro View Post
    Brushed or brushless ?
    3 or 4s which would be a better option ?

    Thanks for any input ��
    The kit comes with no electronics, so it is up to you to decide what you want to stuff in there. The truck does very well on both brushed and brushless systems, do it is really up to your budget as to what you want to do. If you do go brushless, recommend running a sensored system. Unsensored systems like the Traxxas VXL cogs REALLY bad in low speed, high torque situations (like crawling).

    As far as 3S or 4S goes, it really depends on the ESC you get. 3S is perfect on my MambaX 1900KV system, lots of smooth power throughout the power band and great wheel speed.
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