This video is from the 2018 OCD season opening race in Spruce Grove Alberta at the Radio Control Racers Edmonton Track. This was a three day event starting Friday with practice, Saturday for qualifying, and ending with the mains on Sunday. I filmed everything from packing up to racing and everything in between. I managed to get some amazing footage of the event. The weather stayed perfect to the point where we didn't even need to water the track because when we would go to water the track it would rain just enough to water the track and then stop a few minutes latter. Competition was stiff and I never managed to get a podium finish however I had a lot of fun! I did good enough to make it into the A Main which is cool. The second round of electric mains I suffered a mechanical breakage in the rear CV joint causing me to loose power to my rear wheel. This affected my position heavily. These events are a ton of fun, camping is allowed on site and the other competitors are always a hoot to hang with! If you're interested in checking out the track for yourself check out the link below to their website.

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