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    Question My rustler seems like it has more torque in one side?

    So it's strange. I've rebuilt the front end of my rustler a couple of times now and there seems to be some odd behavior when launching full speed on solid ground from a stopped position. I would guess that after a few rebuilds the machine won't operate quite exactly as it did the first run out of the box. My issue (If it can even be called one) seems to be when the machine is parked on pavement or asphalt, when I accelerate as fast as possible the machine tends to sway (or turn) a little bit to the right before the front wheels descend back to the ground. Its not much, maybe a 10-30 degrees turn to the right. Maybe I'm being a little obsessive compulsive about Its performance but it is slightly irritating not being able to understand why it would do this now. I haven't had to do anything to the rear assembly yet, just rebuilt the front diff and servo so its odd. Maybe something is misaligned now from detaching - reattaching the front end assembly, I don't know...

    P.S: Some of you may say " hey, It's going to adopt a bit of its own personality after a few rebuilds and there's not much you can do, and that's fine. I wouldn't call it a pressing impactful performance killer, just an annoyance.

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    It is called "torque twist" or "torque turn" in many drag racing circles(full size cars). If you look at which way the center drive shaft turns it pushes down on the right hand side of the vehicle. Pushing down on the right hand wheels and lifts the left hand wheels. When you launch this causes a slight right hand lean/turn. It is likely your motor has "broken-in" and now at peak power making the torque turn just more noticable. Worn bearing or low differential fluid can accentuate the effect.

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