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    Multi-role racer Rally/Track

    I was wondering if I could get some experienced opinions. I'm looking to get back into RC racing. My budget is limited so I'm looking to build a multi role racer. I would like to use the same chassis for both rally and track racing. So far I've decided on two possible options:

    First: start with the 1/10 Ford Fiesta VR46 rally car, and buy the neccessary mods (shocks, springs, tires etc.) to be able to use it for smooth surface track racing?


    Second: start with the 4-Tec 2.0 VXL chassis and buy the neccessary upgrades to convert it for rally use?

    Which do you guys think would be the better option?

    Also, does anyone know whether or not standard 200mm bodies will work on the Rally or 4-Tec chassis? HPI has a cool DeTomaso Pantera body and Kilkerbody RC has a wicked Lancia Stratos body I'd like to use.

    Thanks in advance for the help and advice.

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    The 2 people I have known who tried to multi-role race with 1 vehicle. Wished later that they had just waited till they had enough money to just buy 2 vehicles. The cost of time and money was way worse with one vehicle. They said it also made fine tuning a complete nightmare.

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    I don't have a rally, but i do own a slash 4x4 and a 4 tec 2.0.

    I agree with zedorda.

    I would start with the rally (or a slash).
    The 4 tec 2.0 is a great platform but not very versatile.

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    The Rally Car is basically a 4WD Slash. You would need a body and tires at least to convert it. Some places would allow you to run the rally car in the 4WD SCT Class. I run mine in the parking lot races at Hobbytown in St. Charles, IL in 4WD SCT Class.

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