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    Exclamation Battery / ESC problem

    Hello. I am a brand new Traxxas and RC user and have only owned my slash for 6 months. Lately I have been having an issue with my slash. I can only run it for about 5 minutes before it just dies. And just today my esc doesnít turn on. No light. No response. On top of that the battery wonít charge. (8.4v 7 cell 3000 MaH NiMH battery.)
    Canít find anything related to it. Need help.

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    Sounds like you need either a new battery or charger, because either your battery is toast, or your charger isn't giving it a charge. Can you try to run your slash with a different battery? And if possible try to charge your battery on a different charger to see what happens. Hope you can get back to bashing soon!!!
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    When it dies after 5mins does it just stop while running well or get slower and slower until it stops?
    Any flashing lights on the esc?
    What type of charger are you using?
    All the info you can give us will help a lot.
    We'll get there mate.

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    It sounds like classic NiMH failure.

    Does the battery act like it is dead after a charge?

    Does the charger indicate the battery is full only after a couple of minutes?

    Have you been consistently running your battery down to the point to where the truck will no longer move?
    - If is, was the battery really warm/hot, and is the shrink wrap cracked?
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