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    4tec 2.0 with 4600kv castle

    I bought a castle 4600kv mamba x combo for my 4tec 2.0. Turns out i am going to use the mamba x on my slash so i want to know what esc i need to run the 4600. Does it become warm on vxl, or do i need a sw or anrother mamba?

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    Is it safe to assume you will be running 2s only? I don't see why the VXL couldn't do the job.

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    I think the VXL should work. A fan addition would be helpful.
    My castle 4600kv mamba x combo does get hot, the motor that is. Running 3s and stock gearing. Parking lot racing. Haven't had much time to play with gearing. But it is FAST!!
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