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    Udating rustler o TQI from XMAXX

    I acquired a TQI controller and receiver originally in an XMAXX. I will be installing it in my Rustler. What do I need to do t have a successful install? Do i need to replace steering parts? Are there instructions somewhere? Many thanks in advance

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    All you will have to do is calibrate your receiver to your ESC and get the Traxxas app on your phone so you can change the model you are running from X-Maxx to Rustler or you may end up having some weird handling characteristics. At least that's all I know you have to do, and no, you don't have to replace steering parts.
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    If the only thing you are installing is a radio and receiver you need the bluetooth adaptor so you can select the rustler as the vehicle. The rustler will work without using the bluetooth to change the vehicle type as long as the tx/rx are linked but Im not sure if it will work without any kind of hiccups or issues. I just upgraded the remotes in my vehicles with a TQi from a 2.0 revo. No steering parts need to be changed but if the steering is revered you can fix that with or without the app. Once you connect the bluetooth it will prompt you to upgrade the firmware in the receiver and possibly the ESC. Follow the instructions to update then select the vehicle type then play around with the settings.
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