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    Aton rx battery drop after 1-2 mins flight

    Morning all i recently picked up a Aton for a trade and the issue i am having is the rx battery on the controller shows full or almost full and when i get it in the air after all lights stay solid and the battery indicator goes to zero and the controller beeps and wants me to bring it in .. now ive tried to different batteries .. one original .. i was finally able to get the traxxas link to work on the i phone i got from friend .. woundnt connect to my android for some reason .. now i updated the firmware but im alittle confused .. i saw on the traxxas website the software is .. mine on the traxxas link shows .. i would assume thats better but i could be wrong .. i did do a calibration on compass and accelameter to make sure was good .. so at this point im stumped and trying to figure out where the issue may be .. any help would be great .. only solution i have is that maybe batteries are week but they are holding good charge from what i can tell .. thanks in advance Will G
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    Time to replace the batteries

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    as long as there are no issues with the car's internals, then most likely the battery is done for. you are going to have to shell out some cash for a new one.

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