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    Is It Wise To Charge Other Brand Batteries

    Hey guys i'm eyeing a non traxxas lipo (has a traxxas plug) and i only have the basic ez peak charger.Is it wise to charge said lipo on my charger (i'm not really interested in a new charger)

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    As long as the charger can charge lipo batteries, it can charge non-Traxxas. There should be a separate balance port on the front to plug the balance cord into (hidden by a cover).
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    That's all I charged on my ez-peak dual when I had it. I bought 2 3S traxxas ID lipo packs, but never used them. I only ran 2x2S in my ERBE and at the time I was using SMC 9000mah 2S packs. Was annoying charging them though as they too twice as long as that charger allowed for and I'd have to unplug everything and start over half way through a charge.

    But if your running 5000mah or around there, it should work just fine.
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