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    Question New E-Revo custom set up

    Warning I’m a newbie so please go easy

    Looking at the starter kit of below, I’m new to Traxxas but not RC’s in general yet until this point it’s been RTR and left untouched.

    Firstly is the VXL iD TSM version still current and do with know if there’s an update or replacement in the pipeline?

    Kit choice consists of

    Traxxas Alu heatsink
    Dusty motors dust cover
    RPM front upper & lower A arms
    RPM rear upper & lower A arms
    GPM steel tie rod set 9pcs
    GPM steel pillow balls
    GPM alloy front & rear rocker arms
    GPM alloy front & rear knuckle arms
    GPM alloy front shock mount
    GPM alloy rear shock mount

    Would you agree with above or recommend changes/parts not needed?

    And these are a few areas I’m definitely uncertain on

    1) Pro-Line road rage on Titus bead-loc Vs Pro-Line dirt hawg on Titus bead-loc (most of its use will be on road or a skate park with maybe the occasional off road so would maybe keep the stock wheels for that)

    2) GPM front & rear alloy skip plate Vs T-Bone

    3) Traxxas GTR shocks but unsure on springs given weight and uncertainty on batteries (see below)

    4) batteries.. it appears Lipo is the way to go and been looking at Traxxas 2200mAh 7.4v 2-cell now do I need to run one of these or can I run two in parallel for extended run time if so I’ve seen the Traxxas parallel wiring harness only lists NiMH comparable. Only what charge is best as seen Traxxas lost EZ-Peak Live 100w or EZ-Peak Plus 4 amp

    Anything else I’m missing or must have please let me know

    Thanks in advance
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    That is alot of metal for such a small scale truck. I tried to stay away from metal parts unless it was absolutely the only option.

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