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    recommendations on brushed merv powerup options

    so I feel like my brushed Merv needs to go brushless. thinking about 3s merv fun... I just bash it, and it's something for my daughter or friends to use while I'm playing with the erevo 2.0

    it already has rpm a arms and knuckles, shimmed diffs. 2 - 2s 2000 lipos.

    i like supporting my LHS as i can.... power up is about $135 for the VXL-3S at LHS

    do the trx power up at lhs to get discount on old 550 12t brushed

    1. trx 380 motor, esc.

    2. 3500kV and VXL-3S

    3. keep merv motor and esc, buy a esc and motor combo .... , and put old merv esc on the old brushed rustler. so old rusty can have a taste of lipo power.....

    4. a TEKIN combo, or whatever my closest LHS has to recommend for me in stock.. ( they only seem to show TEKIN items on their website and nothing as a combo.. but they may have other options, not on site... they do have some trx stuff. for the power up ect....

    at further away chain HS options
    5. Castle Creations Sidewinder SW4 o w/1410 (3800kV)

    9. Kinexsis 1/10 4-Pole 4000Kv ESC/Motor Combo

    6. Castle Creations Mamba X Waterproof Sensored Brushless Combo w/3800kV- not sure if fits..

    7.Castle Creations Mamba Micro X 1/18th Scale Brushless Combo (4100KV)

    8. use amazon to get most recommended....
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    I would recommend either the vxl combo with 3s or even running 2 nimh batteries in series (with the vxl). Unless you want to start spending some serious dough on new or even aluminum diff housings, ring and pinion gears, and upgraded driveshafts. I ran my vxl merv with both 3s and nimh and it was plenty fast. If money isn't an issue then by all means go for a 1/10 brushless combo (big block conversion), just be ready to buy a lot of supporting mods as well. Good luck

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