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    Is the UDR worth getting

    HI Everyone. Well I recently put an add-on to my house 28ft long x 10ft wide "My New MAN CAVE & WIFE APPROVED LOL"
    totally stoked about it Just got my 70" UHD flat screen TV from COSTCO yesterday. ANYWAY

    There is Money left over in the building budget "few contractors came in under budget" & my wife said I can get another TRAXXAS RIG to add to my already 5 TRAXXAS Rig's I own. & I want the UDR...… FYI She got all brand new kitchen appliances she wanted so I don't think its not a bad trade off LOL

    My Hobby shop has a UDR "the one that driver just won a desert race in recently" & TRAXXAS is running a PROMO right now you get a LED Light kit FREE because that driver won. But the PROMO just ended but my Hobby Shop owners said they would honor the PROMO if I get the UDR before May 1st. SO I have today & tomorrow to gather info

    PRO's & Con's of the UDR / what lipos I should run / tires to get / option parts / & parts to have on hand "what breaks the most on the UDR"
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    I have a detailed thread on this, if you read it and have questions let me know as I have multiple setups throughout the thread.

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    Depends if you like to have fun or not...

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    Yes but run it on 4S.. it won't break as much, crash as much or wear out as quick. 6S is too much.

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    4s is pretty fast. It tears over terrain where the tires can constantly be breaking free, but on asphalt it will role if you look at it sideways....I've heard installing a differential helps, but it really is at home on dirt/grass. I cant imagine it on 6S, but some say it is a hoot, so maybe worth trying it some time. I really like my UDR, only wish I had friends with UDRs so we could run together.

    You'll need pretty wide open space to enjoy the least 100+ feet of run, or you wont be open it up much.

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