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    Using Traxxas ID LiPo in non traxxas vehicles......

    Any known way to adapt the ID battery plugs to a non traxxas ESC?

    Want to use a few of my smaller capacity batteries in a non Traxxas ride since I already have them as well as the chargers.

    Can anyone help locate an adapter or source of plugs for the ESC side?

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    You'll need to search deep to find a male legacy High-Current Connector and solder it to the ESC.
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    Traxxas male plugs are now available as 3070X.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TireSlinger View Post
    Traxxas male plugs are now available as 3070X.
    That is GREAT news, even if they're for ESC use only!
    RC Planet even claims to have them in stock.
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