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    Here's your chance !!

    Well folks , I've been working in this quandry for a couple months now , I've sent it in to Traxxas they sent it back , saying we put in a new e. s. c. Just to be nice , they said everything is fine ,,,,,,,, well everything is not fine !!! Dangit !! They gave me a new lipo 6400 , 50c battery cuz they said after conversation that they sold me a bad battery , funny thing is venum said and did the same thing , well the freegn thing is doing the same thing ,,,, here goes ,,, new charged battery , in my slash ultimate ,after being told things are fine , I get 7-8 minutes run time , shuts down , can't turn it off , blinking red light , put the battery on the traxxas charger it reads two red dots left in it , I read that I should be getting 30 minutes run time , never had it never seen it thing never gets even close, to that H E L P !!!!?!!
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    Heres our chance for what? If the truck is for sale PM me lol. It sounds like ita going into LVD. Ifs doing it with the brand new traxxas branded battery as well?
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