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    Received a Summit

    A buddy gave me a old Summit. Cosmetically it is in great shape, but he says it "grinds" in the rear end.

    I haven't had a chance to try it for myself yet. By the time I got home the kids had all the batteries from their cars discharged. I tried to charge the batteries that my buddy gave me and my charger wouldn't charge them.

    Questions: Where should I start looking for the "Grinding" in the rear end?
    Also: Why won't my charger charge his batteries? He has Traxxas 2S Lipo's. They are older batteries with the cord for balancing them. I have a EZ Peak 8 Amp Traxxas charger. I plug the batteries in and then plugged the cord for the balancing into the charger, but the charger wont charge.

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    1) turn the truck upside down and turn the back wheels. Listen feel for the grinding. If you can then lock the rear diff. Is the grinding worse. My guess its the rear differential gears are cheweed up.

    2) those "older" lipos probably have a per cell charge of far less than 3.2volts. Most lipo charger will not charge lipos that have been discharged that low (accident prevention) Smart thing is to buy new batteries.

    But if your stubborn or cheap (llike me) they can be repaired if your charger has a NiMh setting for charging nickel batteries.
    Then you would
    1 place your charger on the NiMh setting
    2 reduce the charge rate (.2 or trickle charge it it has it)
    3 place your lipo in a lipo fire proof bag (if you deal with lipos then this you should have.
    4 charge your lipos on NIMh setting with a slow charge rate
    5 monitor the cell voltage with a battery level monitor
    6 as soon as all cells are near 3.0volts turn your charger back to lipo mode and BALANCE the battery at a slow rate.

    This is only a SUGGESTION my real advice is to buy a new battery (or wait untill the kids get on the Xbox then grab theirs.
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