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    What parts do I need telementry?

    I have the TQI controller and receiver to install in my rustler. I know I need to get part 6538 (Telemetry trigger magnet holders, spur gear/ magnet, 5x2mm (1)/ 3x8mm CCS (3)/ 3x10mm CCS (3)) and part 3792 (Dust cover/rubber plug) to install telemetry on my rustler. What additional parts do i need?

    I am specifically not sure which communication wire to get? Then which plug spot should I put it in on the 6518 receiver? I know the first spot is left empty, second spot is for the ESC, and the 3rd for steering servo, does it matter after that which the other leads hook into? Eventually, I want to put in voltage and maybe temperature.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The voltage and temp sensors go in the slot that says V/T. There is also a slot on the receiver that says RPM but Im not positive on that one. You prob need the telemetry expander for the rest
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    The instructions should tell you which port to plug the sensors in to.

    To get the telemetry you'll also need the bluetooth module for your controller and a phone running the Traxxas app.

    On mine I went with the RPM pickup, because at that time the GPS module wasn't available. I'm using the previous telemetry expander, not the 2.0 version, with auto-detect voltage and auto-detect temp, both plugged in to the expander. I don't remember having to buy any extra communication wires.

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