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    Anyone knows if traxxas still making parts for this truck?


    I wonder if traxxas still produce and sell all parts for the e maxx brushless?

    They have removed the truck from the page, but if you Google you will find it there listet as out of stock, still having access to exploded views if you go trough Google search to find it on the traxxas page.

    Have a 5 years e maxx brushless that i was hoping for to be able to order parts for in the future also..

    Would appriciate if someone knows something about this :-)

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    I'm certain you will still be able to order parts for it. This is how they make money on their sold products. They want you to break it and buy parts.

    Have you searched eBay or Amazon or other places? Typically the hobby shops and online hobby shops buy up the parts and distribute them online.

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    The advantage of the Emaxx was always its huge after market support. Im sure even if Traxxas completely pulled the plug, you'd always be able to find something!

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    Yeah i know itís should be parts and aftermarked parts for at least a few more years.

    The reason for i wonder is because im from a small country, and here we only have 3 shops with traxxas parts.
    I want to support the local hobby shop, i could always order on eBay if i need something that they dosnt have. Most of the time it take 14 days to recieve a order from eBay.

    From 2020 itís new rules so we must pay tax paper cost (15dollar) plus 25% tax on every part order from other countries.

    So it would be to expencive/take long time to order small parts, plan was to make it shine again and give it to my son.
    Kids using more spare parts as we know
    So if traxxas stopped to produce parts then i think itís a bad idea to let him get it.
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