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    Super Low Runtime On "Fully Charged" Batteries

    My Alias shuts off as soon as I get it into the air(with the beeping warning), even though the batteries are charged and read the 3.7 volts. Any reason why this is doing this, ive seen some people say its the board and ive been through every possible fix I could find online.

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    Fully charged batteries are 4.2 volts.
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    Hi there, I had some battery life issues with my Alias soon after I got it. As Double G said, the batteries should be 4.2 Volts after charging. I was monitoring my batteries and they never got down to 3.7 Volts after running. I ultimately found I had been sold some dud batteries and when these were replaced, the battery life improved.

    However, I never got it to the 10+ minutes quoted in some reviews and up to 15 minutes as stated on the LaTrax website.
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