Backstory: I started my quad adventuring the fall of 2018 with an aton.
Since then I've built 5 other 5 inch fpv quads 4 are hyperlite race
quads 1 is an heavily modified mark 2

I've modified my aton with an akk vtx 25mw and cammera. I can fly it but often times in acro mode loose control and hard set down aka crash. Mind you I fly all my other quads in fpv at a high level.

My first issue with fpv on the aton was due to interference from the vtx to the gps that caused random crashes on takeoff. It was a simple fix I moved the vtx foward near the cammera under the canopy. Now it flies fine for fpv.

My issue now is I HATE the controller sorry traxxas but it stinks. Compared to the taranis xd9 hall gimbal the aton controller feels very insensitive. Could i get used to it and fly it. Sure. I would and do still hate it.

Solution.... A complete Rebuild.

Stay Tuned