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Thread: Beach Use?

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    Beach Use?

    I'm headed to the beach next week and really wanna take my Revo. I'm thinking the salt water/air might not be so good for it. Any thoughts? I don't plan on getting it soaked, but, I wanted to take advantage of low tide territory. Thanks in advance

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    I take my cars to the beach all the time. The salt water does make things rust faster. Can get visible rust in a day or two Just have to clean the car well afterwards. If do it often will want to do more teardown cleans. Depending on how well you want to keep car maintained. Be do clean car after back from beach it helps a ton.

    I tend to spray the car with wd40 and let it dry before running on the beach Don't go to crazy near bearings as wd40 will dissolve bearing grease. Don't have to let it dry but the. Sand will stick more.

    If have access to a air compressor blow the sand the car afterwards make sure to wear eye protection. Make sure to get sand out of the screw holes. A rusted out screw head is horrible to get out.

    Can use light water hose and a brush to get sand off... But air compressor is best.

    I avoid going into water / watery sand.

    Take a shovel with you for making sand ramps... Make sure shovel is not near ramp so you don't smack it...

    I can drive on beach where I normally go. So having a ac/dc charger for batteries I can hook up to my Dodge truck battery's to charge the lipos gives me all day fun.

    Have fun it's a blast on the beach.

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