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    Cool A Tale of two Summits

    I would like to show you my two Summits and the process of making them work for me.
    Since I'm farly new to the hobby I will need some guidence along the way, so please don't hold back with your experience.

    For my Part, the Summit is one of my favorite RC car concepts out there. I do like to hike with them, without beeing slowed down too much. Not beeing a fan of scalers in general and on the other hand having no fun in lunching RC cars through the air neither, I still like to go somewhat fast and cover some distance. For me the fun is watching the suspension work as torgue gets applied, seeing these wheels compress and the small car making its way through difficult terrain slowly by the use of its gadgets

    I bought both Summits used, a misstake maybe, but here they are and wait to get ready.

    First thing to do: Takeing them apart, acessing the damage an wear and getting the first on the trail again. Both cars were running when I bought them, but I allready did break two diffs, time to reset both or at least having a good one and a project

    Next Post will be picture heavy, sorry for not having one for the intro.

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    First Chassis, drive train:
    After redoing the rear differential last week, I noticed a skipping noice in the front while braking and turning out of some decent speed, should have done the front one too.

    The picture is the same for both failiers: The spidergears give in, poping the diffcup and stripping the M2.5x12 screws. This leads to a missalignment of input and ring gear, makeing them wear fast. 10km in the trail, the diff is totaled by the time I'm back at my car.

    And the part collection that was salvageable. Better using worn down and still running than sitting and waiting on parts...

    Cleaning procedure for the Internals of the diff: (metal) parts into coffee filter, both into a jar of aceton...

    Total cost and parts for both front and rear: 93.60
    #5379X Ring and Input gear(2x)
    #5382X Spider gears (2x)
    #5678 Difflock (2x)
    #5681 Diff Cups (2x)
    8pcs M2.5x12 Screws, they have a part number, I use trustworthy industrial grade ones.

    Despide that iniatial repair cost, I'm still fine with it. The price for the used summit was right, diffs had been calculated in from the seller in the first place. Now, after the rebuild I have clean start to see how long the last.
    This would be my first Upgrade after going brushless: Aluminum diff cups, if they can save the Ring gear, they would pay themselfs.

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