I only run my Merv on 3S, so I was a bit irritated when using the stock wheels and tires because the tires would always start peeling away from the rims. I'm not talking about ballooning; I'm talking about glued tires not being able to cut it when it comes to the Traxxas bead system.

So I went and bought myself a set of the Proline Titus beadlock rims and tires; which the tires are Dirt Hawgs:

Now a word of caution here; because I found out the hard way, the Titus Beadlock rims and tires are heavy.......and I mean heavy compared to stock rims and tires. One Proline Titus Beadlock rim and tire weighs more than all four stock tires combined and then some.

I was thinking after I installed them with a stock ESC and 380 Velineon motor (stock also on the VXL) that I was definitely going to have to re-gear the final drive ratio. The problem is, no matter what combination of gearing I tried, the ESC would overheat and flash the red light quickly indicating thermal issues after 10 minutes of light running (1/4 throttle) and not even hammering 3/4 throttle passes.

So to fix that problem, I set out to fabricate adding a fan to the ESC without having to modify where or how the ESC sits. It was challenging at first and then after sleeping on it, I came up with this:

That is the Mamba Monster X fan for the 1/10 scale ESC's. It is 30mm X 30mm without the case on. I rigged it so that it is mounted off the side of the ESC and stays out of the way of the motor if I wish to use taller gearing.

Right now, I am content with running 23/50 (the speed pinion) with the stock spur.

Here are some different picture angles of the ESC fan:

After installing the ESC fan, I took it out today (about 82F today) and I tried to overheat it on purpose and I could not do it!

3/4 throttle passes for 15 minutes straight and climbing hills with speed gearing should have definitely thrown it into thermal shutdown; but it just kept smiling and waiting for more.

I am definitely a happy camper now, because I thought I was going to have to go back to using the stock tires and rims and I didn't want to do that at all costs because I just spent a good chunk of change on these Titus Rims and Wheels from Proline.

If you are tired of thermal shutdown problems because of the heavier Proline tires and running 3S, I recommend using a 1/10 ESC fan because it just works! I tried it on NiMh series connection too, and I absolutely could not overheat the ESC!