Hi guys,

I would like to upgrade the electronics so as to allow +70mph on-road without having to change the pinion to use off-road/grass etc. Then maybe +80mph on-road with a pinion change. I'd like to keep the costs as low as possible.

I've got a ******* Graphene 6s 75c lipo.

For the ESC, I was thinking one of the following. Anything more powerful such as a Max 5 and XLX will be physically too big and too expensive:

Hobbywing Max 6 <---- Leaning towards this
Redcat Hexfly 6
ZTW 1/8 Beast Pro 220A
ZTW 1/5 Beast Pro SL 200A

I'm also thinking about buying this SAGA 50v 4100 Cap Pack, it's probably overkill but better safe than sorry

For the motor, I'm not really too sure. I was thinking one of the following:

Castle 1518 1800kv (fake)
Rocket 4076 2000kv
HobbyStar 4092 1730kv <---- Leaning towards this
X-Team 3500W 1600kv
X-Team XTI-4082 2200kv
Leopard 4092 1730kv

Sorry for such a long post! If anyone has any experience with the options I've listed, I'd be very eager to hear opinions!