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    Help! Need battery help

    So i plan on buying a rustler 2wd vxl and have no idea what Mah battery or cell i need along with gearing. I plan on using this truck for gravel and offroad play along with speed runs. Anything helps

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    Get the 3 cell 4000mah lipo battery
    Monster Baja Sla2h VXL
    Rustler VXL

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    Help! Need battery help

    When mine was closer to a stock VXL, it rarely saw anything but pavement......a pinion in the 30s and a spur in the 70s running on 3s will get the speed job done!

    As far as batteries go, Iím pretty loyal to SMC Racing, they have a wide range of batteries thatíll drop right into the tray

    That velinion is a nice little motoró-it will be a wheelie machine FYI

    Enjoy it! The Rustler is a great truck and highly highly modifiable!!! Pretty sure the chassis and rx box are the only stock parts left on mine hahaha

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