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    Post Is it worth the upgrade? is it necessary?

    Hey guys,

    Just got myself the V4R6 Ford Fiesta ST Rally. I'm running it on stock setup except the Nimh battery that came with it which I upgraded to a 2s 5800 mah lipo + traxxas charger. The problem is I can't find any legit reviews on the Ford so I'm not sure if I really need to get the VXL system + TSM. Would it be worth it? or should I just keep bashing the car until the Titan 12T+XL5 dies off before taking the next big step?

    I'm a newbie so I appreciate your suggestions.


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    Is a brushless setup worth it? Yes.

    Is TSM worth it? Maybe. It works as advertised, and it is not an expensive change. However, it can take away from the experience of driving the vehicle. Some prefer not to have it.

    Should you keep bashing until the Titan dies? Yes. You will get better at driving with a slower car, so you when your car is faster, you will spend less $ on crash damage. Also, when the Titan dies you can use the TRX power up program (see your manual or google it) to trade in the burned out motor and ESC for a discount on the VXL.

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    Is a brushless setup worth it? Yes.
    +1 Brushless is almost always the better choice. It will be so much faster and more enjoyable, unless you don't have trigger control, then you'll have broken things. Plus, your runtimes will increase.
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