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Thread: Slash steering

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    Slash steering

    Have the 2WD version with not too many runs on it to wear out anything but the steering, where worked by hand, seems to be a tad sloppy but when driving its fine. Would the optional metal bell crank assembly tighten this up? Thanks.


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    If it's fine driving, why fix what's not broken? It's more than likely the slop is in the servo saver, not necessarily the servo arm.

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    I would rather just upgrade to a new model that handles better from stock. more power and better handling to boot.

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    I notice a lot of play in the rod ends on mine, and Iím using the Revo ends I believe is what they are. When I change them out everything seems nice and tight but after a few runs back to loose. Finding better rod ends has been on my list of things to do for a while but since it doesnít seem to hurt performance that much it keeps getting pushed off. Iíd check those along with the servo saver for play.
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    You have to hold each part of the system and wiggle to identify what is actually loose (hold on either side of a connection and piddle with it.). Most of my stock slop was in the steering bellcrank. I got the Traxxas alum. ball bearing one and it took a lot out. You will never remove it all. Most of what I have left is in the axle bearings .... which aren't ever going to be any tighter than they are to begin with. I laugh at people that talk about 1 deg. here and 1 deg. there. ... like .... nothing is tight enough to give you any more than +/- 2 to 3 degs. So to adjust toe-in or out, the best you can do is push the wheels backwards for your adjustment and figure they flop to the inside by several degrees during whatever turning you do.

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