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    Good cheap 1/16 e revo battery

    Got a used 1/16 e revo needing couple batteries any suggestions?

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    So far I like my smc 2500mha 40c it's a very tight fit but works. Only done 2 runs with it so far.

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    Yes, SMC batteries are great! They are a tight fit, but luckily they are short enough that I can get my finger in there and pry it out. They give me around 20min of runtime for each of the two 2s I have. They have a 2s 2500mAh, and a 3s 1500mAh.
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    Another strong vote for SMC. I have the Titan 550 brushed MERV and run two SMC 2500mah 2s LiPos in parallel, and no exaggeration, it lasts 45min-60min every. single. time. Great batteries, great price!
    About the fit -- yes, it's tight, but I recommend Dremel-ing out a part of the wire-hole in the battery door to help fit 12-gauge wires anyway. After a couple of times putting them in, it's easy
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