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    Back in the game after a long break (also looking for tyre advice, again)

    It's been a while since I've been here! I used to be seriously into RC after I got my Slash 1/16 back in 2010 or so. Bought a Summit in 2011 and drove it all the time. I kinda drifted away from RC back in 2013 or so because I moved because of school. Since then I've only driven my RC's a handful times a year at most. My RC spark got reignited a few weeks ago when I charged up my batteries for my Summit and went out driving in the some pretty hard terrain, and the Summit crushed, like it always has done.

    One of the main reasons I haven't been driving it too much are the batteries. I have some SPC 5000mAh 25c LiPo's which I bought in 2012 or so. They've always been great, but they are old and starting to puff a bit. While I can still use them they trigger the LVA (old school Summit) Even when fully charged when they're under heavy load. When I put them back on the charger they are still at well over 4 volts per cell, so I guess they drop a lot under load (I've tried two different LVA's, so I doubt the problem is there) because of this I've been a bit hesitant to run them.

    Anyway, everytime I've run the truck in the past few years it's been like this, and everytime I've gone online looking for new LiPo's. They've always been so expensive however, so I haven't bought them, and my Summit has been put on hold. I live in Norway so buying batteries here are expensive, and even I were to order from the US or China shipping would be expensive and then there's custom fees.

    This time I wen't searching for LiPo's again, and much to my surprise I found fairly inexpensive LiPo's in Norway. I bought a pair of Gens Ace 5500mAh 50c batteries for 40$ a piece which is a lot cheaper than anything I could import over here of the same sice. From my understanding browsing forums the Gens Ace batteries should be pretty decent. While I was shopping I also bought a RPM rear bumper mount. The rear bumper mount has been broken for years but I've never bothered buying a new one since it's only broken on one side. Now I will finally have a carry handle again

    As far as the truck goes it's it's mostly stock. I did upgrade to a no name strong but slow single steering servo a long time ago, but that's pretty much it. I'm still rocking the original Titan 775, which seems to hold up decently.

    The tyres are not doing too well however. They still work they they a couple of them have a few pretty big tears on the sidewalls, and the foams are basically gone. Works for low gear action, but not so good in high gear. Actually they have amazing grip crawling up smooth and steep rock because they are basically flat. Not so good when it comes to steering on inclines though. The sidewalls just crumbles and the rim is doing most of the steering, and as you can imagine it doesn't do that very well.

    In other words I need new tyres in the not so distant future. I remember asking this years ago, but since there isn't too much activity on the forums I might as well ask again, so what tyres do you recommend for mostly driving in forests, grassy hills and a little bit of rocks? I've had my eye on the Pro Line Mashers, simply because they look great. (I've always loved that tractor pattern) I've also seen that Pro Line has a tyre called Rock Rages which I have not seen before, they also look good. I've also had my eye on Mudlingers, but they are really expensive since it looks like I have to mount them to real beadlock rims.

    Whew that was a long post. To summarize I've bought new batteries after along hiatus from the hobby. Summit runs well but tyres are not doing too well. Any tyre recommendations, tips and tricks would make me very happy.
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    Can't go wrong with pro line. I have Trenchers on Desperadoes and they are great.

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