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    What Breaks First?

    I own Traxxas rc trucks. I usually run them stock until something breaks and then I will buy the upgraded version of that part, like a-arms, shocks or tires.

    This being my first boat im wondering what usually goes first and what upgrade version should I be looking at to replace it with?

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    It all depends on your diving demands. There are different strategies for running 4s and 6s. If you run 4s all you need do is change the silicon motor cooling jacket to one made of aluminum.

    If yor running 6s you'll (at the very least) want to change your motor's cooling jacket and do the "Duel Input Cooling Mod." There are many posts on how to do it. From there (down the road) you will want to consider upgrading your motor to a 1600kv or 1700kv motor, move up to a 180 amp ESC, and prop up to match your lower KV motor.

    This is how I ran my stock Spartan on 6s for 8 years without any problems. Running a stock Spartan on 6s is more about mods rather than replacing parts.

    When you do want to move up to a more robust electronics system, you'll want to look at all the upgrade goodies you can get from OSE's website. This is the system I (and many other Spartan owners) use now.

    What you're looking at is a Leapord 1700kv, Seaking 180 ESC, a ESC Cooling Cap Pack, and water cooled heat sinks for both ESC and Cap Pack along with using a more agressive prop to match the new setup.

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