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Thread: Cheap 120a esc

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    Cheap 120a esc

    What are some cheap 120a esc options? I'm considering the hobbywing sc8 but I'm not sure. I've bad some bad experiences with hobbywing

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    If you can find an SC8, get one. Iíve had great luck with it, but they have since been discontinued. Your other options are a dynamite 130a or a BLX 120.

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    Ebay still has WP SC8s listed. Many are from China or Hong Kong but I saw one from Los Angeles. I've had zero issues with mine running a few different motors on 3s and 4s. For a few bucks more you can get a 120a Max 10 also. Not sure what your idea of cheap is.
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    Not sure if it's waterproof, but it is cheap. I think someone just got the 150 amp version a few weeks ago and was pretty happy with it.

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    I've had really good luck with Hobbywing over the last 5 years. Here's my new go to ESC.

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    get the WP-SC8 ... i have one, its great other then the first one i had fried itself on its very first run - took about 2 months to get my warranty return from Hobbywing, but they eventually sent it (China after all) - no problems since then other then the switch is prone to shorting out which can turn your car off mid speed run and your car will carreen into a wall (thats my experience) but i just jumped the wires so when you hook the battery up the ESC turns on, to turn it off, disconnect the battery but other then that its been pretty awesome - 4s is crazy
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